Screening starts from September 2015 throughout 2016 around the world!

DOTMOV is a digital film festival organized by online magazine “SHIFT”, aiming to discover unknown talented creators and provide an opportunity to show their works. We had a total of 209 works from 16 countries this year, and an excellent 12 works among them were selected by guest judges. All the selected works are also presented on the website. This year’s festival will take place in several cities in Japan and overseas from September 2015 throughout 2015. In addition, special 2 invited works will be added and screened this time.

In addition to the general category like before, we called for entries to the “SenSe V.A 04” MV (music video) category in collaboration with the Sapporo based label “SenSe” which introduces creatives such as music and art in this year. “SenSe V.A 04” MV category videos will be appear on the screening.



09/01 – 09/30__Sapporo, Chikaho Underground Walkway Kita 2 jo Digital Signage
09/21 – 09/27__Nagoya, Theater Cafe
09/26 – 09/27__Sapporo, MIRAI.ST Cafe
10/09 – 10/10__Fukuoka, Konya-Gallery
10/19 – 01/16__Shizuoka, CCC
11/01 – 11/15__Kyoto, Cafe Independants
11/01 – 11/28__Tokyo, Tokyo Cultuart by Beams
11/05 – 11/22__Osaka, Digmeout Art&Diner
11/15 – 11/20__Okayama, kamp
09/11 – 09/11__Bali, Rumah Sanur Creative Hub
09/19 – 09/19__Yogyakarta, Pinasthika Creative Festival
10/16 – 10/17__Hong Kong, Videotage, Cattle Depot Artist Village
11/26 – 11/26__London, Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation
11/27 – 11/28__Stockholm, Under Bron (screening premier from 00:30)

SCREENING PROGRAM Click image to see movie.

  • 1 trace
    01:04 | Japan | 2015
    Dir: Fuka Miyajima
  • Fuka Miyajima’s ‘Trace’ is a short film about the traces of people whose lives are not quite conspicuous. There is a white street where a jumbled image of cars, signage and people appear from afar. Slowly, a person approaches. As the story unfolds and when the audience starts to have an idea on what is happening, the person moves closer and stops. I could not but exclaim when I realized at the last scene that what I had just seen were a bunch of semi-transparent cells.
    I had thought that this was a computer graphics animation but it turned out to be a stop-motion animation where semi-transparent cells were laid on top of one another. A ‘trace’ is the lasting image of things that had existed in a moment and then went away. It is astounding how such ‘trace’ was built one by one to be visualized into beautiful images. In addition to the fact that this film had been produced in a fresh and creative way, the directing of the film that enabled the overlaying of the complex cells in such a clean and neat manner makes the film more attractive. The creative directing and the wit of the director definitely stand out in this film. It makes me look forward to the next work by the director.
    Selected and commented by Ki Young Park (Sugarcube)
    By visualizing the information (trace) which tends to disappear from our view in a moment, the work reminds me that day-to-day life is also a stack (or placement) of huge information of people and the moment is the overlap of finer unit of times. It is a excellent work spurs us to reconsider of the “concept” of time and space.
    Selected and commented by Kenta Torimoto
    The request for review of DOTMOV is written this way every year. “Please select 1 per a judge; on a first-come and please do not select the same one as much as possible.” In other words, it’s the usual rule for us, judges to select one work not to overlap as much as possible. I tried to do other work once, but chose “trace” with breaking the rule. So impact. Also youtube version is great.
    Selected and commented by Hideki Inaba

  • 2 Tear Drops
    Tear Drops
    03:28 | Japan | 2015
    Dir: Seaside Boy a.k.a Haruki Kawanaka
    Music: Matsuid (SenSe V.A 04)
  • It is inventive with a strong visual aesthetic, it has an engaging narrative which holds the viewers attention until the reveal at the end, and importantly is digital without referencing or relying on digital cliché. It uses similar structural techniques to some of the other more abstract glitchy movies / pieces but rather than presenting them as full-stop in themselves, it uses the concepts to tell a story. 
    Story-telling is for me the most important element of motion graphics — if we’re going to make something mobe, there needs to be a reason why, even in the most abstract sense… and that reason, in published work, needs to be more than ‘because we can’, or more importantly ‘because technology allows us to’.
    Selected and commented by Ian Anderson (TDR)

  • 4 viscode
    03:44 | Indonesia | 2015
    Dir: Panji Krishna
    Music: Slate (SenSe V.A 04)
  • To find new talent (?), it needs praise rather than criticism. Not to look for the flaw as poke the insignificant detail of the corner, we should look for frenzy what the virtues of work. I think so especially today. It’s not whether correct or not, because the teens and the 20s (also maybe 30s) in developed countries have been grown up that way today.
    But I think this work is great. Migrating fish in the sea, soft and shaggy beast, abrupt rock, rebound of two colored oil paint, and the look mixed each other. In another layer of whether the author intended, it evokes rich images that appeal to physiology. It’s something that exists separately from language, the environment raised up and the economy. It seemed to be the talent nurtured in that environment, and the work has been produced with getting tool.
    Selected and commented by Jiro Ohashi

  • 3 Budding, Swelling
    Budding, Swelling
    07:20 | Japan | 2014
    Sound&Dir: Ryoya Usuha
    Motion Capture Dataset: Carnegle Mellon University
    Hand 3D model: Gilles Pfeiffer
  • At first glance, this video looks totally random. But more you look at it, you would notice how extremely well thought out this is. The editing of this is so effective and engaging. The animation is simple and stylish. I love the sound effects of this also. It’s a modern surrealistic masterpiece.
    Selected and commented by Yoshi Sodeoka (c505)
  • green_bird
    Green Bird
    05:10 | Japan | 2015
    Dir: Saki Iyori
    Music: Fujifabric
  • A Tale of the Plump Bird
    A Tale of the Plump Bird
    03:00 | Japan | 2014
    Dir: Saki Iyori
    Music: Atsushi Takiguchi

  • 1 nothing
    02:33 | Japan | 2015
    Dir: Patanica
    Music: Qrion
    Photographer: Yusuke Momma
  • 2 jellyfish
    04:50 | Japan | 2014
    Dir (Shooting, Editing): Yuichiro Fujishiro
    Music: owtn.
    Production Manager: Gotaro Ueno, Tsubasa Shimoda



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