PLACEText: Bertina Appel

Located in the heart of the bustling area of Jongno in Seoul, Gana Insa Art Center lies along a touristy street in Insadong. Insadong has become famous for its collection of both traditional Korean goods sold in shops and markets, while also housing many young and trendy stores in the Ssamsi-gil Complex. This area combines both traditional and modern aspects in art and design from Korea.


Gana Insa Art Center is a fine art museum which houses contemporary works from artists who can combine both classical and modern aesthetics of Korea’s culture. The gallery is great place to see works of established and unestablished artists in Korea. Many works featured are from emerging university students whose take on modernity and contemporary styles contain a strong clash of aesthetics and narratives from a new generation of Korean artists and creatives.


Using an array of mixed media to convey various exhibitions and themes, the works almost always comprise of the merging of traditional style into the modern styles to create a reflection of the constant changing and evolution of modern day life in Korea.


Some galleries showcase group efforts where artists collaborate to create unique collection to exhibit their unique artistic style and work. The centre also houses an auction room as well as a relaxation area that looks over the North of Seoul city.


The building itself takes on a modern design, with large black interiors and exteriors and glass walls offering amazing views of the Insadong area as you go up 6 levels to 6 different art spaces.

Park Su Jin’s works big works contained various embellishments and decorations of beads and glitter. An interesting collection of modern art by Moon Sun Won whose works play with depth and dimension.

Gana Insa Art Center
Opening hours: 10:00 – 19:00
Exhibitions change on a monthly basis; you can refer to their website (in Korean).
Address: 188 Kwanhoon-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
Access via metro line 1 (Jongak Station) and line 3 (Anguk Station)
Tel: +82 2 736 1020

Text: Bertina Appel
Photos: Courtesy of Gana Insa Art Center

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