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MUSEUMText: Aya Shomura

The staffs of “MUSEUM,” which is the cultural complex to promote the current creative scene in Hokkaido, pick out and recommend the latest news in monthly selected from “MUSEUM STORE” at 1st floor is a select shop of lifestyle design focused on fashion, “SOUVENIR HOKKAIDO” deals in products can be purchased, for example artworks, CDs and books by Hokkaido artists, and “Clark Gallery + SHIFT” at 2nd floor promotes and manages artists as the only one commercial gallery of contemporary art in Hokkaido. You could get exclusive information like some events at only MUSEUM, don’t miss it! In addition, online store of MUSEUM STORE has launched, please check it out!


From the S/S 2015 Collection of KAMISHIMA CHINAMI/YELLOW catches our eyes, MUSEUM STORE highly recommends “Bird’s Love” printed flying birds, with using smooth Tencel, cotton and hemp. In the lining of coat which images the Vietnam of birdcage, an impressive round form, colorful color scheme is used, such as the Asian goods. Arrived coat, pants and one-piece dress. By this one, Spring becomes more light. Colors: white, red and dark navy blue.


Good news from “owt(e)n.” of owtn. holding at Clark Gallery + SHIFT till April 30th. FM Nemuro streaming “owtn.’s Crystal Growth” will record radio program in public from 13:00 to 14:00 on April 29th, with inviting Shinichi Ishikawa, an editor in chief of NUMERO DUEX (admission free). And on the same day, owt(e)n.’s closing party and live performance from 19:00, Admission: 500 yen (with one drink/owtic sweets).
In addition, the national distribution of “owticmode” will be released on June 17th, as the first shot from MUSEUM LABEL.


For Keiko Orikasa’s candle series which ordered successive from various area in Japan on the online store of MUSEUM STORE, the newest “Spring Issue” will be launched. One of the new candle, like folding the color of spring in Hokkaido carefully, has a motif as a thaw: melting snow. Please find and imagine “what is coming after the thaw” in Hokkaido’s Spring, with putting a light. Spring Issue: Sakura / Yukidoke (Thaw) / Yayoi (March), Launched on April 17th, Price: 2,000 yen (excluding tax).

A long-awaited first album “Par” of PARKGOLF has released at last, who is a track maker based in Sapporo collecting evaluation from home and abroad. “Kiss Me” which was pre-released for iTunes won 1st place of the electronic chart despite reservation stage only. The artwork was created by PATANICA designed poster of the Rising Sun Rock Festival in 2015. As special favor, now you could get with “download card: DL card” of remixed sound source by luxury artists such as QRION. Price: 2,400 yen (excluding tax), all 15 tracks included, Coming soon.


A conversation book “The Ruin of Culture“, by Kiyoshi Kasai as a Charisma of SF world and Naoya Fujita as a new literary critic, will be published on April 20th. As they expand the unprecedented exciting subculture theory such as a thorough talk to Ronkyu the phenomenon of contemporary Japanese culture, Fujita also says “it’s a wonderful effort”. The intellectual excitement of continuous debate over the three days will come soon. Price: 1,800 yen (excluding tax), Coming soon.

Text: Aya Shomura
Translation: Aya Shomura

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