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PLACEText: Victor Moreno

Young artists have always struggled to get the recognition needed before they can exhibit. It means several years spent trying to establish a profile. Once you’ve reached such a point, it’s about looking out for the right location, and getting commissioned pieces ready. Then, let the press find out about it. For sure, where you live counts, it’s a balance between the size of the city and the opportunities on offer. Although one can’t easily work out the number of talented artists per square meter in any town, we can firmly say that Scandinavia is well represented in this field, and that can lead to great opportunities. However, it’s by no means an easy task for anyone to reach the goal of getting that all-important show. Gallery Steinsland Berliner (GSB) is a great spot in Stockholm for the young artists. They´re just not open-minded to the emerging artists but also the opening day for each exhibition in GSB is turning into a classic already. Good crowd and good fun is assured.

The gallery is run by Jeanette Steinsland and Jacob Berliner. Emphasis is placed on young contemporary art with connections to street culture and associated contexts. The gallery also has a range of carefully selected art magazines and books available for purchase. The Gallery also arrange guided tours in streetart. Some of the artists that the gallery has exhibited so far: Finsta, Timo Vaittinen, Jakob Boeskov, Nadine Byrne, Lisa Jonasson, Danilo Stankovic or Knotan, just to metion a few.


Jeanette is from Norway and Jacob is from Denmark how the idea about to run an art gallery in Stockholm?

Jeanette is here with husband and kids and Jacob have been working here for years. We met and agreed that there was something the Swedes were missing. A great gallery with great artists and a great crowd turning up for art, music and beers.

Is it just Scandinavian artists who can exhibit in the gallery?

No way, we just like to show that it´s not only from America great art/artists are emerging. But we show whatever we feel is bringing something new to the city.

Some voices has been herd about the poor possibilities in this town for new artists within Contemporary Art. What could you say about it?

Sthlm is a good place for new artists, lots of new galleries and a courious crowd, A big problem in the media though, that contemporary art gets really small exposer, most media here is focused at really conservative and “safe” art.


What do you think is the good and the bad in the current contemporary art scene in Stockholm?

The good is that a lot of stuff is crispy and new here, compared to a real big city, Stockholm is still just a big village with concrete instead of farmer soil 😉

Do you think Stockholm works as a hub between the Scandinavian capitals to export new artist abroad?

Yes and no, Copenhagen and Stockholm is together working as this Hub, but you have to know that it´s really hard to find just one artist from Scandinavia that´s known outside off here..

Street art is important for GSB. Tell me about this !

We recognize art no matter if it´s made at home, on a train, in the street´s, at a museum or in a gallery, the important part is the quality and if it make some sense to you.

Have anyone exhibit at GSB for very first time in their career ever?

Some have had their first solo show here and some have sold there first art from here..


Which are the basic requirements to exhibit at GSB. If someone wants to exhibit in the gallery what should they do?

We really don´t pick people up from the street, we have a lot off hopeful artists coming by/mailing and so on, but we like to choose carefully who we work with. We not in for the fast buzz, but will show artist we think have something also in the future. People invest in art, and we have to do everything to make there investment a good investment also from a commicielle point of view.


Tell me about the area where the gallery is located. Were you looking for this specific part of town or it could happen somewhere else?

Södermalm is kind of hip, but we selected to stay in a part there´s been sleeping forever. Our idea´er with moving in here, was to start building our “own” neighbourhood! It´s actually working, now every month, there´s opening a new shop/bar and so on. But I have also meant a lot of complaint from the neighbours we woke up; )

How is the length for each exhibition in the gallery?

Everything from one evening to 1 month.

Any other surprises could you tell to our readers?

In the back we have a nice garden, where you can drink a beer/coffee with us if you´re nice!

GSB (Gallery Steinsland Berliner)
Address: Bondegatan 70, Södermalm, 11633 Stockholm
Opening: 12:00 – 17:00 (Saturday till 16:00) or by appointment
Closed on Sunday to Tuesday
Tel: +46 722 3231 02

Text: Victor Moreno

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