PEOPLEText: Gisella Lifchitz


Please tell me more about the book.

Well, Die Gestalten called me because they found my work interesting. I didn’t have many illustrations at that time, so I suggested them creating new material. I had already worked with the Bible Genesis, I had read it and knew it pretty well, so I worked on that text for three months to show them something. When they saw it they wanted to do the whole book based on that concept. When the book was out on the market, many people began contacting me. It was like a catalogue for me.
So I worked with people from around the world. Pictoplasma and TRImarchi DG invited me to participate with them.


What are the most important moments in your career?

Well, clearly the publication of the book, then my work with English creative agency Dutch Uncle. I’m also working in some children books, which interest me very much because they’re original and collaborative works. I’d like to work more in my personal projects, that’s my long-term goal.

Christian tells me, in the end, he’s working in many projects. Some of them take years to see the light. He’s a thorough artist who takes his time to study and develop every little thing. He goes deep into the cultural implications of every text. That’s what makes him different.

While he keeps on thinking and imagining new worlds, we can’t do anything but wait for his creations to come to life.
So be it.

Text: Gisella Lifchitz

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