THINGSText: Yurie Hatano

However, the story here is not only one. The whole movie admit of an interpretation, and viewers can recall their own experience, hometown, and memories from each one of beautiful frame, even without following the story.

Tarachine by Risa Fukui

Every creature and its aspect including of human, animals and plants are moving without losing the strength seen in Kirie as flat works. Tonkori player OKI’s music also combines really well with those visuals.

Tarachine by Risa Fukui

All people’s roots, “mother” is mixed with roots in Japan or hometown, roots in native cultures, and roots in the expression of Kirie. How to inherit any lives, things to be born and things to be lost. This work, its existence, and Risa as an artist show us all those things.

Risa Fukui tells that the movie is no more than collaboration work. In order to send her message in more appropriate way, she said she added the collection book. You can enjoy all the still images, movie and behind the scene of the production in DVD “Tarachine“.

Tarachine by Risa Fukui

Risa Fukui “Tarachine”
Original Kirie Collection – Behind the Scene of “Tarachine”

Specfications: 182 x 250 x 13 mm, 136 pages, DVD, Japanese/English
Movie: STUDIO4℃
Music: OKI
Price: 6,090 JPY (tax inc)
Released by Born Diital, Inc.
ISBN: 978-4-86246-060-8

Text: Yurie Hatano

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