PLACEText: Filip De Haes

The Picasso Museum (used to be Palacio de Buenavista) has opened 2003 in Malaga, Spain where Pablo Picasso who is one of the top artists in 20 Century was born.

Picasso Museum Malaga
© Museo Picasso Málaga

Walls are white and the architecture has clean and neat impression. Twelve gallery halls show variety of Picasso’s art, mainly oil paintings, sketches, sculptures and engravings.

Picasso Museum Malaga
Photo: José Luis Gutiérrez © Museo Picasso Málaga

The museum does host some true top works like ‘Mother and Child’ (1921-1922), ‘Still Life with Guitar on a Circular Table’ (1922), ‘Woman with Raised Arms’ (1936), ‘Bather’ (1971) and so on. Unfortunately, there are no works of Picasso’s blue period in the museum, but they have many works which are shown for the first time.

Apart from the permanent collection, the museum hosts temporary exhibitions. When we visited the museum at the end of august, we were lucky to see two:

Picasso Museum Malaga
Photo: Jesús Domínguez © Museo Picasso Málaga

‘Picasso Small figure’. It appeared that Picasso was influenced by African and Oceanic small wooden figures. The museum brought together a small group of representative American and African sculptures, as well as other works by Picasso which revealed some similarities.

Picasso Museum Malaga
Photo: Jesús Domínguez © Museo Picasso Málaga

Another highly valuable temporary exhibition was ‘The Pierre and Maria-Gaetana Matisse Collection from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York’. It showed works collected by Henri Matisse’s son: Pierre Matisse. It hosted works from father Matisse, Chagall, Miro, Delvaux, Magritte, … and some works were really marvelous. As a Belgian ofcourse, my favorite was ‘The Eternally Obvious’ (1948) by René Magritte.Picasso Museum Malaga

In the cellar, the museum shows parts of walls, all dug up in the Malaga area. Walls built by Punics, Romans, Arabs, Moorish and Catholic peoples who once conquered southern Spain. Or in other words, walls from the 6th century BC till the 15th century AC.

If you’re in the neighbourhood I suggest you visit the museum, especially if the temporary exhibitions draw your attention.

Museo Picasso Málaga
Address: 8 San Agustin, 29015 Malaga, Spain
Tel: +34 952 127 600

Text: Filip De Haes
Photos: Jesús Domínguez, Courtesy of Museo Picasso Málaga

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