SONAR 2007

HAPPENINGText: Julio Cesar Palacio

Thursday night brought one of the most attractive shows of the last years to Barcelona and the Sonar. The Beastie Boys from New York presented a Special Gala Event performing their new instrumental show. So, at 23.30 The Beasties entered the stage with their big gala band Adam Horovitz (Guitar), Mike Diamond (Drums), Adam Yauch (Bass Guitar), Alfredo Ortiz (Percussions), Money Mark (Synth) and Mix Master Mike (Dj).

Beastie Boys

With a huge stage filled with translucent instruments and big LEDS (like Alexander Calder sculptures) the band started with the presentation of their new album, The Mix-Up. Right after the first three songs the Beastie trio started to Rap old school with some hits like Sure shot, Do whatcha want, Root down, Time for living and so on.

Beastie Boys

It was the first of the two Beastie Boys shows at this Sonar, and it came with a mix of new and old time hits, instrumental songs and psychedelic new sounds, Jamaican groove and a little punk spirit songs and their most recognizable hip-hop style.

The Friday Sonar-by-day started with the Hall stage completely crowded for the Sunn O))) show. The dark melodies and the noise of their guitars inundated the space creating a ghostly atmosphere that brought the audience to a far and dark place.

Nicole Willis

After that, the sunny Sonar Village presented the bright melodies from Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators from Finland. Nicole demostrated her fantastic voice and energy on stage with a trio of trumpets, piano, guitars and drums performing a mix of funk and soul.


The selection of the day made by Hot as Hell scheduled the new face of Finland music during the wholeevening. We could dance with the new dance glam of Accu, the trio reminded us of the late 70’s disco hall with a new electronic sound.

Tuomas Toivonen

Later the Finland show continued with Tuomas Toivonen.

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