PEOPLEText: Yurie Hatano

What made you to enter the “SHIFT 2007 Calendar Competition“?

I have known SHIFT itself since my school days. In due course, I have known about the calendar competition and felt a longing toward it, but was thinking “I can never be selected”. However, taking a cue from when moving up to Tokyo, I started hotly challenging in several competitions, and decided to enter the calendar competition as part of such activities.

Please describe about your selected work in the calendar.

It’s a venus with peanuts head, mountain, wave, and light blue background. As I don’t really like something messy, I scraped unnecessary details off as possible. As you know, it’s the peanuts head version of “The Birth of Venus”. I took the original drawing on campus into Mac, turned it in vector data, and mixed with other elements.

Please tell us the concept of this month’s SHIFT cover.

The man on the left being interviewed breaks off the interview saying “wait a second”. He thrusts his hand into his pocket, positions something between his legs, and signed “OK” to restart the interview. “Shift the position” could be the proper title of this work. I guess no one can understand this meaning of Shift just by watching the animation, so please go back to the cover again after reading this description. You will find some new interest factors in it. Especially, you should not miss the facial expression of the man. I’d be very happy as a creator if you could imagine their conversation and think “it’s somehow funny”.

What is your next plan?

Making this cover, I reaffirmed that animation production was surely hard, but at the same time, it gave me great feeling when I could move characters as I wanted to. Therefore, I would like to willingly get into the animation from now. Also, I would like to go abroad as I’ve never been outside of Japan!

Please leave a message to readers.

I will steadily do my best, and am happy if you can slightly keep about me in your mind. It would be also great to receive your comment for my cover work or anything else. Thank you for reading till the end.

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Text: Yurie Hatano

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