THINGSText: Yurie Hatano

GAS is selling the graphic printed bags of selected artists in collaboration with ISETAN. This project was achieved by the agreement between the purport that GAS artists desired to offer a lot of expression bases and the development progress of a world strategy brand YOSHIDA a.k.a YOSHIDA BAGS, then by releasing PSP cases at the same time, which was developed in collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment.

4 teams are participated in this project and provided their original graphics; Kuntzel + Deygas, MADSAKI, Surface To Air and Ten_Do_Ten. Moreover, 4 types from Groovisions, Narmal, Kentaro Kobuke, and Sleep will be developed at the same time cooperated by ISETAN and YOSHIDA BAGS.

Yoshida x Gas
Price: 18,900 yen (tax-in)
Manufactured by GAS AS INTERFACE

Text: Yurie Hatano

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