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HAPPENINGText: Yurie Hatano

Sometimes these were the familiar objects such as an escalator, sneakers, glasses, SOSO logo and coffee cup, but other times these were somehow amusing and non-distinctive shapes or lines which made us give full scope to our imagination. These seemed disconnected but connected, and also seemed considered but sensual.

It’s fun! It was so fast that we didn’t get tired of watching it, and therefore every moment was enjoyable. Visitors really concentrated on the point of his marker, listening to the sound collaboration driven by a DJ, and sometimes laughing as if children watching an animation. The reason that the whole atmosphere was peaceful and delightful must be because everyone could feel that Hidehito himself was really enjoying to draw. The time had passed too soon.

And it’s cute! Just before the completion, a girl in his original poster “a Girl” suddenly showed up in the real world. It was a nice and surprising project to Hidehito, planned by a Sapporo based makeup artist Miwa Yokoyama and her members. A model got mixed with the venue, well dressed in a characteristic that Hidehito’s graphic had.

A Sapporo based illustrator Chisato Shinya and a designer Hiroshi Kotake were also smiling with a mustache. “Looks fun! I want to join it!”, Chisato said watching Hidehito’s drawing. What if the hartful and pop character world of Chisato, who is also taking an active part in the world, joined in his drawing,,, it was just exciting to picture their collaboration in the future too.

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