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HAPPENINGText: Yurie Hatano

Soso Cafe is a flexible, sophisticated space into which various situations can easily fit. Starting march 5th at the opening party, the white captivating room was dramatically colored by Tomoaki Ryuh.

Tomoaki Ryuh is a Japanese artist living in London, who creates original works in various field; graffiti, website, fashion, graphic design, and so on. Also at SHIFT, his design was selected in Shift 2005 Calendar Competition, and in cover design for Shift January 2005 Issue, so you might be familiar with his name or works.

His performance at the opening party existed rather than started. At the starting time, he was already working in silence on three huge clear panels, and going in and out of the place in order to color them with spray paint.

Around the entrance were some original T-shirts, a collaboration between Ryuh and Shift, as well as some of his other similar works like designed sneakers. The color and arrangement of the space made a bright impression like a popular fashion shop. Inside, his silk screens, stencils, and posters were all around the walls and tables. A DJ, placed in the back, made the whole place unite with pleasant beats.

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