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HAPPENINGText: Yukino Kotake

It could be the thing that you just pass on the street. It could also be the thing you just saw on TV for a moment. Despite only catching a glimpse of it, the thing remains in your mind. We might have no idea how it comes out and its contents. Those feelings could relate to the “falling in love at first sight”. Wabisabi whose graphic theme for this time is “Flesh And Blood” gives me a feeling of falling in love at first sight.

Wabisabi based in Sapporo has held an exhibition of original type face ‘Hormone’ at SOSO, “Flesh And Blood” is the theme. It is the second time for the group to hold an exhibition following ‘Karibonsai’ in 2005.

After the first exhibition at DOTMOV 2005, Hormone had also been shown at “Tree Of Lile” and commercial work, and the poster of “Flesh And Blood” received the second place prize in the graphic category of NYADC in 2006.

For this exhibition they presented their new graphic works and also original T-shirts through a collaboration with BEAMS-T, the poster by PPRINT’EM, 300 limited type face sheets with serial numbers, original wall paper, and “Sapporo ADC monthly”. At the opening party we were served with ‘hormone’ cooking and distributed the unpublished hormone paper in Japan for free.

Normally the theme of “Flesh And Blood” might not be a thing we feel comfortable with. The crooked lines remind us of internal organs. Internal organs? How come we think they are weird and creepy things? They are the closet things to us even inside of us. For this time their “Flesh And Blood” dissolved our stereotype and make us feel close to them through their unique and crooked lines. I also felt that the monochromatic color scheme makes their curved lines impressive and exaggerated.

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