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PLACEText: Reto Caduff

Zurich/Switzerland is not just birthplace of the Dada Art movement but an important place for the world domination of the classic constructivist graphic design (think Helvetica and the grid system) and home for many style icons of the last century (Max Bill). I am happy to anounce the first dispatch from Switzerland’s biggest city.

If you are in Zurich over the next few weeks and would like to get an overview over the vibrant graphic design and illustration scene – don’t miss the current exhibition at Buro Discount. Avid readers of Shift are already familiar with BD, an off-spin of the successful Buro Destruct, the amazing graphic design firm hailing from Bern.

HGB Fideljus, partner in crime of the destruct team, who runs the Zurich based Buro Discount together with his wife Mina has mounted a vibrant show of the hotbed of current design and illustration work, Schonegg 5. “The idea was first to feature an exhibition with Benjamin Guedel – a very talented illustrator” explains HGB Fideljus. “Guedel works in an nondiscriptive office tower at Schoneggstrasse 5 – in the middle of the seedy Zurich Red-light District.

The house is packed with talented artists, graphic designers, musicians and illustrators. They have all rented office space there but usually don’t collaborate in a big way together.” Since they started working there five years ago, the idea was born to mount a group show of all willing talent.

Together with the help of Benjamin Guedel, Buro Discount has mounted a truly amazing display of the work of some of the most talented artists of the current graphic design scene in Zurich.

On the walls of the store/gallery you can see the works of Francois Chalet, Benjamin Guedel, SoDa, Martin Woodtli, Marc Kappeler,, Urs Althaus, Claudia Blum, K3000. During the opening, in the packed exhibition space, a happy francois chalet was looking at the works plastered to the wall. “It’s great to see the work of all these other people you often only say hi in the hallway” he remarks.

Even though the style and interest of the showing artists varies greatly, you get the sense that Swiss graphic design and illustration is as cutting edge and provoking as it was in the golden days of the 50’s and 60’s.

Buro Discount
Address: 226 Zurlindenstrasse, 8003 Zurich
Tel: +41 43 960 9943

Text: Reto Caduff
Photos: Reto Caduff

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