HAPPENINGText: Amy Franceschini

Vasi Comunicanti (Communicating Vases) was an “initiative” dealing with visual communication. Organized by the Venice City Council, Cultural Activities Office in collaboration with Studio Camuffo. A very nice website designed by Libero Cavinato

“I LOVE TO MEET YOU” : Held in Venice Italy at the Gothic Palazzo Fortuny. With their mixture of genres, means and languages, the young artists chosen for this exhibition display a marked deconstructionist tendancy which is perfect from the communicative point of view. Their modus operendi is in some way opposed to the idea of formal (as well as conceptual) order that is usually attributed to graphic design.

Artists included in “I Love to Meet YOU”: Abake, Francois Chalet, Delaware, eBoy, Elliot Earls, Experimental Jetset, Lizzie Finn, Formerly Goldenmasters, Pete Fowler, Amy Franceschini, John Hersey, James Jarvis, Geoff McFeteridge, Mike Mills, Mumbleboy, Norm, Reala, Ben Sansbury.

“BOLD: New Italian Graphic Designers” : Held at the Centro Culturale Candiani and Galleria Contemporaneo in Mestre, Italy. BOLD intends to take stock of the rapid yet significant changes that are characteristic of contemporary Italian Design, which is a complex andarticulated reality worthy of documentation.

Artists included are: Roberto Bagatti, Andrea Lugli, Studio Orange, Niko Stumpo, Nico Vasscellari, Marcello Dolcini, and Cristina Chiappini to name a few.

The following photos are from two exibitions that were part of this initiative:

Eboy poster of Venice for I LOVE TO MEET YOU

Paintings by the talented Nico Stumpo for BOLD: New Italian Graphic Designers

Posters by Paolo Palma for BOLD: New Italian Graphic Designers

A nice piece by unknown artist in BOLD: New Italian Graphic Designers

An interactive piece by way of rope tugging by unknown artist in BOLD: New Italian Graphic Designers

And.. a tribute from all of us in I LOVE TO MEET YOU to: Ed Fella

And.. a special warm thanks to Giorgio Camuffo for organizing all of these events and to all of the nice folks in his studio. Yippeee.

Text: Amy Franceschini
Photos: Amy Franceschini

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