Friendship and sharing are the two key elements that make WE Exhibition happen. Organized by Mlee, WE Exhibition presents the different works of 16 local designers and artists in Hong Kong, aims at sharing their work and happiness with more friends and people.

These 16 buddies met a year ago and became friends with each other. Through informal gathering and playing together, as well as the insistence on their independent works, they mutually influenced among themselves in terms of design and creativity, although each of them has different personality, expertise and style. WE stands for this group of designers. WE stands for the time they were together. We simply stands for their independent works and attitude.

You can feel their overwhelming friendship throughout the exhibition. Besides the personal art pieces of each designers, like graphics and websites, you can find there are video, slide show and a Lomo wall showing the snapshots of these buddies’ gathering . You can understand them more somehow by these casual slides of life. Not enough? Would like to know them further even closely? Yes, you can step in and invite one of them to be the “tour guide” for the exhibition. Then surely they can explain to you in more details about themselves and the exhibition face to face.

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[Help wanted] Inviting volunteer staff / pro bono for contribution and translation. Please e-mail to us.