PEOPLEText: Sachiko Kurashina

Sunday-Vision is made this month’s cover design. From graphic designs, illustrations, motions, webs to wear designs, the field of Sunday-Vision is really wide and his exhibition is now on at gallery cafe Soso (produced by Shift). Does the unique colourful world imply his strong energy to design? You might be able to find an answer to this question when you face his big works at the gallery.

Please introduce yourself.

As a graphic designer, I am widely working in graphic designs, illustrations, webs and motions. Sunday-Vision used to be a unit when it started but I have been using this as my design name since 2001. “SwitchStance” is an another name when I do apparel wear designs. Using this name, I do projects and collaborate with various companies and brands.

I heard that it was in 1998 you started to work as “Sunday-Vision”. If you look back over the past 5 years, what are your impressions of your activities?

Various friends and superb clients gave me many opportunities that I could bring my ability into full play. I think I have to thank nice staff and designers around me as well. It depends on what kind of a project I am doing at that time but I sometimes have to work with a lot of people. Through these experiences, I realized that the environment is very important again.

What sort of projects do you usually do?

Client works and creating works for my exhibition, which is held once every year, and project exhibitions that invite me. I provide my designs for my friends’ apparel brands or record labels as well. I have been using a skateboard since I was small so that I present some skateboard designs based, too. I have made a watermarked board with some gradation and a lacquer board. This is almost like a life work for me. Apart from Sunday-Vision, I am a member of a unit called “Sekiray” that consists of friends who are sharing a studio with me. In this unit, I am in charge of some directions.

Are there any difference when you design something in wears, papers and screens?

When I am thinking visuals for wears, the process is the same as when I design for papers. However, I have more manual works when I put visuals on wears. Sometimes my image looks different on wears so that I need time to do my composition over again and again. I am now in charge of graphics for a ladies’ brand “Orine.” So, not only prints, but also I am learning some techniques such as how to put a jacquard, how to remove colours and how to make good balance as a thing that covers a body while I am looking at them next to experts. However, I always try to keep what I design all visuals as graphic designs that tell all information and functions in my mind.

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