HAPPENINGText: Maria Paz Pedreros, Daniel Ramirez

I had an interview with Mannytan from Uncontrol: From one moment to another we found this person that knows extremely well what he’s doing and that walks quietly through the walkways of the Mercat. After his presentation we caught him outside to talk a bit about his presentation.

The presentation that Mannytan showed was specifically made for the festival – original idea was a little crazy and it would have took 3 or 6 months just to make this – what he really wanted was to have the audience participate in the presentation.

Mannytan loves pictures

There’s 3 kind of presentations accoring to Mannytan, the show talking presentation, the tutorial kind and the inspirational kind so I asked the public what kind of presentation do you want to see?

When I asked him what he thinks about 3D website designing and he answered: “Cool – the thing about 3D is that you can’t tell it’s 3D until it’s moving – then it’s when it’s really fu**’ beautiful. I’d like to see more interactive 3D work, like animation with 3D stuff is great but there’s not much going on, I think in the future we’ll see more interactive 3D work, like you’ll be able to watch a movie on a 3D space.”

LOBO.CX having a chat with Diesel’s director at the OFFF 2003.

One of the greatest conferences this year was presentated by LOBO.CX (BRAZIL).

Renascent presentation

Renascent told us in their conference a little bit of what has beeing happening this last year, and specially about the dificulties that most designers and developers have been experiencing due to the decay of the developing companies, and the motives that lead them to made their own studio. The better they do is the visuals and the demo reel that you can see also on his website.

James Patterson presentation

James Patterson, (working with not-present Amit Pitaru) showed an incredible tool that they are developing: it’s a kind of pencil that you use on a normal digital board, but lets you draw on a virtual 3D space… cool huh? It’s amazing.

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