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HAPPENINGText: Maria Paz Pedreros, Daniel Ramirez

I had a chance to get an interview from Bruno Sallers from Vasava: “We showed our work called Leisure options – there’s 2 clips about a false advertising campaign that sells options for leisure – Vasava Leisure – that is a humoristic way to approach to the image in movement. It’s a little the kind of things we do for presentations, to find things that we haven’t done before. We are now with a project called “Place”, and it’s 2 books that are traveling all around the world – one to the east and the other to the west- in the hands of different designers and creators that are writing and drawing their experiences and differences in the way they do design according to where they live and their culture and how it affetcs their work. We are asking for something more manual than digital. So far we have made participate people like Nico Stumpo from Milan – Tono from 5ta feira – Rio de Janeiro – Estocolmo Sueden Graphics – Singapur Hank Studio – and it’s still going on.”

Random Studios

Random Studios (in the picture above) made an exhibition called “Inodoros: the dirty side of technology”. As Sebastian Seifert (Argentina) told us: “We read once an article about interactive bathtubes in Japan, so we made a copy of totally non-technological bathtubes, very dirty, in a matter of protest of the desmesured use of the interactive technology and the concept of the objects”.

Mercadillo market

On the second floor we found a Mercadillo, a little market where people were selling and giving things to exchange them for others. Plenty of books, CDs, DVDs, manuals, toys and t-shirts and all that things that feed our creativity. Was a perfect place to talk, meet new people and finding those hart-to find things.

Santiago Ortiz presentation

Santiago Ortiz, made a Reflection about arts+flash animation and mathemathics. An intense non-stop conference, where he showed his self learning exercices where all the results were coming from one after another testings. Some of his recent projects – in Spanish – are here, where he mixes his musical tendences – without beeing a musician but, as he said, he’s actually looking for a partner.

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