HAPPENINGText: Maria Paz Pedreros, Daniel Ramirez

BD4D (by designers for designers) – guest Ryan Carson presented their Creative Fight Club as an experience of competition to develope every time best pieces of creativity applied to applications and technologic development. It merged various groups of designers specially in the local area of Spain (and Barcelona), and they came all together to have their “Three minutes Madness”. The people participating in this showings were Sixis, Innothna, Xnograpfics, Digital Abstracts, Taobot, Vasava, Platform 01, and Cinsky & Oculart.

Lydia Cazorla from Sixis explained: “We presented for BD4D 3 minutes video of motion graphics applied to a free composition.” Sergi continued: “We started with some pieces that we had from before to create a composition, then we passed it to 3D, Photo Shop and After Effects. The music is made by Sixis too”

Innothna presentation

Innothna showed their last game Innosonik, better and improved since they won the last year’s Art Futura – PlayStation Award for the Best Video Game Artfutura 2002. “Innsonik is an interactive experience that stands on the border of video games, music, design and electronic art” There’s a Demo version of the game available here: Random Studios.

Julio of Innothna told us for Shift: “What I’ve liked the best from the festival has been “Fly”, from Random Media, very simple and elegant, people working on the 3D animation and the game from Una China en mi Zapato and Adversative, that seems as the old Final Fantasy games.”

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