PEOPLEText: Sachiko Kurashina

Your monsters have got the human touch and they are easily accepted not only by children but also by adults who love character goods. What do you think about this point?

P: I’m happy to hear that my work can be both appreciated by adults and children as I feel that I don’t have a particular audience, I’ve had great feedback about my monsters from young kids to old people. It’s my dream to reach a wide range of people with my work, so I try to add a human element and personality to the monsters so there is something about my characters that people could relate to.

Please tell us about the toy project “Monsterism” from Cube.

P: The project came about after a meeting with Sony Creative Products staff at an exhibition preview party of my 3D work in Speak For Gallery Tokyo. The first release from this project was the World of Monsterism figures vol.1 that comprised of seven characters in two different colourways. The idea behind the figures is that each one can be dis-assembled and re assembled using other monster’s parts to create your own character with lots of possible combinations. Each monster has an information card that explains a little about their personality and background and in some cases what music they like!

At the moment we have released Vol.1.5 in Japan and in the UK too, with Vol.2 due for release in the summer. Also due for release over the coming months are larger soft vinyl figures that will accompany and populate the world of Monsterism .I see this project as a way of bringing my world to life and forming the core of my creative imagination as other projects I’m working on (comic strip) will revolve around similar ideas and characters.

We can find lively monsters at your site Fowlerism as well. At this site, users are able to create their own original monsters like the toy project “Monsterism“. Could you please tell us about this site? This site is also a collaboration work with Simon, isn’t it? Please tell us Monsterism siteas well.

P: Both myself and Simon are interested in the interactive side of the web and animation so the make a monster on is something we saw as a starting point for our concept. The site was both myself and Simon first flash project so we wanted to make something different from other sites on the web and retain the feeling of my work in an animated format. We received a lot of interest for this site so we decided to create to take its place over time. It’s a site that will feature many aspects of my artwork, toys and collaborative work with Simon and also an online shop for the goods and products that I create and design.

You have been expanding your field in Japan, such as participating in Art Capsule Toy Project, haven’t you? You have also recently launched a fashion brand, called “Satan Arbeit”. Please tell us know about this brand.

P: Satan Arbeit are a clothing brand from Osaka I have worked with for the last few years and have recently opened up branches in Tokyo, Sendai and Sapporo. I mainly design the prints, logos, textile patterns, promotional items, illustrations and store painting amongst projects they do. They also organise events in Osaka that feature live bands, DJ’s and live painting from international artists and often have up to 2,000 people attending. I’ve recently collaborated with Shigeru Mizuki on 3 tee shirt designs that will be released through the brand.

P: The time capsule project was again arranged by SCP and was an interesting project for me as I my works were exhibited alongside James Jarvis, Jim Woodring and Groovisions to name a few. I love gacha gacha as a way of getting goods and seeing my work in a vending machine was great!

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