PEOPLEText: Sachiko Kurashina

You painted motor scooters that were for Christmas presents from Satan Arbeit. Do any differences come up when you are designing if an object is different (i.e. to a motor scooter, a paper or a cloth)? Or is your feeling always same even the subject is different, because designing is the common point?

P: I try to approach each different project I do with the same enthusiasm and energy and I see each object as a new ‘canvas’ for me. I love to paint such things as the scooter as they bring new challenges to my work and keep me interested though I would be just as happy working with pencil on paper too.

What do you think about Japan? Are you enjoying working with Japanese clients?

P: Japan is a country that I have found interesting for sometime after finding out about the rich creative culture for myself. I love the clash between new and old and enjoy the mixture when used creatively. Even food in Japan is inspiring for me, the way it looks and where it comes from, whether from a conbini or Ginza sushiya! There is something enjoyable about working with Japanese clients that does not exist here as the graphic image has a long history in Japan and people seem very comfortable and eager to enjoy the medium. And of course creating toys in Japan is unique for me, as these projects would be difficult to execute in the UK. Japanese clients always bring something different and interesting to their project with me so it’s something I hope I can continue doing.

Please tell us your current projects and the future plan. Have you got any plans of collaboration of Pete and Simon?

S: Pete and I have plans for developing monsterism over time into a major web presence, with games and monthly features. Apart from that I’m sure there will also be many other occasions on which we will collaborate.

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P: If you create, be yourself.

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Text: Sachiko Kurashina

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