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I met Frederic Durieu in differents events like Numer, he is know as a talented and artistic programmer. Today he introduce his personal work.

Can you introduce yourself and Le ciel est Bleu?

My name is Frederic Durieu, I’m 35 years old and I was born in Belgium.I have a training of engineer. I’m living in paris for 4 years. Le Ciel Est Bleu (it means “the sky is blue” in French) is a company doing interactive programs (offline and online). Kristine Malden, Jean-Jacques Birge and Nicolas Clauss are my collaborators.

How did you discover programming as an art?

I like mathematics and sciences but I think scientific world is too rigid (exactitude and rigour are obligatory). By progamming interactivity with director (lingo), I can use mathematics to do poetry. The theory’s exactitude that I use isn’t important but the result. I can invent imaginary functions to obtain beautiful effects : it’s very exciting. Therefore, in my mind, the programming is algorithmic poesy.

What are you currently doing?

I’m adapting an interactive version of the famous Jerome Bosch painting “Le jardin des delices”.

What are your objectives?

To give pleasure and dreams to people playing with my works. To make a show about interactive art.

What inspires you?

Nature, beauty.

What do you think about multimedia creation, today?

I’m often disappointed, lot of boring things. I don’t like game (winning is the goal), I prefer toys (discovering and understanding are the goal). My work is making interactive toys (as in the “alphabet” CD-rom) and I think there isn’t enough interesting interactive toys.

What do you think about Japan?

Unfortunately I have never visited Japan. I notice there’s is a lot of Japanese visitors on my website. I think it’s because my work is rather close Japanese taste.

Text: Jerome Lacote

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