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HAPPENINGText: Tatsuhiko Akutsu

Design Festa Vol. 28 was held on the 28th and 29th of November at Tokyo Big Site. You are familiar with this festival, for this is usually picked up in SHIFT. Today, I will suggest some special ways to enjoy it.

Design Festa vol. 28

At most of the booths in Design Festa, you can buy works on the spot. They sell all kinds of items, including clothes, posters, furniture, toys and even cooking tools. As you are close to the artists and can talk to them. I recommend you to buy your favorite one. Why not present an original piece for your love?

Design Festa vol. 28

Some pieces get your attention, like well-drawn paintings, fancy installations, or fine crafts. When you find something interesting in a booth, watch it for a while and then, find the courage to talk to the artist. For the most part, the artists are very friendly and eager to talk. Any topic is all right to talk about, about the works, yourself or questions.

Design Festa vol. 28
Nora & Vera

In traditional Japanese summer festivals, there are many street stalls. Typically you find the same ones from previous years and it makes you feel a little bit nostalgic. Likewise in this Design Festa, there are many vendors who have had booths many times. It’s an enjoyable way to find regular artists and to have a conversation with them.

Design Festa vol. 28

It’s also interesting to take an objective view of Design Festa. Let’s analyze a transition of this ever-changing festival. First, there is a change in quantity. This time, over 7,000 artists participated a record best. Though they are predominantly Japanese, foreigners with booths from Europe, Asia and America have been increasing. While it is difficult to communicate through language, we can understand the expression through their works.

Second, there is a change in quality. Compared to last year and the year before last, I felt there are more interactive works, including games, CG and programming. At the same time, there are less fabric goods and hand made accessories.
From an objective point of view, you can see the changes of trends related to art and design, which in a sense reflects our cutting edge age.

Design Festa vol. 28
Clown Crown

Live paintings, accessories, sundries, live performances, costumes, portraits, graphic art, anime, games, shoes, T-shirts, illustrations, figures, household appliances, dolls, parodies, music, programming, food, fabric, cooking tools, party, fortune telling, robots, photos, furniture, calendars, lights, nail art, play, bags, toys, recitation, hair arranging, craft, glasses…

Design Festa Vol.29 is going to be held on 16th and 17th of May 2009. Why not enjoy it in your original way?

Design Festa Vol. 28
Date: November 8th and 9th, 2008
Open: 11:00 – 19:00
Place: Tokyo Big Sight
Address: 3-20-18 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Tel: +81 (0)3 3479 1443
Contact: Design Festa Gallery & Office

Text: Tatsuhiko Akutsu
Photos: Tatsuhiko Akutsu

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