PLACEText: Andrew Sinn, Daniel Goddemeyer

This month we want to give you an impression of the street where we’re living: "Hamburger Berg". If you’re going out in Hamburg, you probably will end up on the "Kiez" which is the party- and also red-light district of Hamburg. Then, if you’re still in a party mood and up for some drinking, you will probably end up here in the final end and get really wasted… some people even stay here for the rest of their lives in pubs like this:

They are open 24 hours a day and have inspiring names like "Kiek Ut" which is a special German slang and means something like "Room With A View" or "Flying Dutchman". These names though don’t portray reality all too well, if you really would dare to spend one of your nights here. Try to be friends with Manuela, Sabrina or Atze or any other people hanging in on a typical weekend night and you will find out what we’re talking about relatively soon, (always depends on your level of drunkeness!) and if the people aren’t missing at the moment…

"Wanted: Manuela Tegethoff.
An important letter is waiting for you by the missionaries of the train station."
If you should run into her by accident, just give us a call (+49 173 924 1642), we’ll know what to do.

Just in case you didn’t get a date that night, there are always a couple of stores open that will supply you with just what you need on a lonely night like this. Or you could give it another try in the very famous "Golden Glove" that is always good for hot surprises. But watch out, about 50% of all people working here are probably professionals, so don’t let your ego shoot up too high, if suddenly everybody’s nice to you.

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