THINGSText: Mayumi Kaneko

The comic by Tubatomic Studio, “Jonni Nitro“.

A secret agent Jonni is involved in various cases one after another. It’s just like a spy movie making full use of motion trace and high contrast photographic images in flash.
We couldn’t help to have an interview with Alex Ogle, the producer of this comic

Is ‘Jonni Nitro’ the project on only web at present?

At the moment, yes. We have some other projects in the works, but we’re concentrating on getting JN off the ground first.

What is your connection with the staff?

I was a freelance illustrator before joining up with Aaron Hoffman to form Tubatomic Studio.

Why did you start this project?

Actually Jonni was a character from my comic book portfolio a few years back. Aaron is a longtime friend of mine that had a small project multimedia studio. We always wanted to combine talents, so we decided to merge a comic book with a CD Soundtrack and promote it on the internet with an animated version.

When Aaron and I were brainstorming on character ideas he suggested we use Jonni. At first we were planning on doing it full color and in a totally different style but it never clicked with us so we started looking for a different approach. I had been playing with the idea to do high contrast motion capture on my Mac.

We soon found out how well this style worked with Flash and decided to use it. We kept the site all black and white to give it more of an “underground” feel, which lends well to the rough style of artwork. We’re very happy with the results and are a bit surprised at the excellent success of the project. We knew we liked it, but we weren’t sure if anyone else would.

Are you besed in London now?

No, we are based in Kansas City, USA. Our story is set in the UK becuse we love that British spy feel.

Is there any plan in the future?

After the Jonni Nitro Comic/CD is released we plan on continuing it as far as we can. We’ve kicked around the idea of doing a RealFlash version of it or even an independent movie. As far as for Tubatomic the plan is to keep expanding and bringing unique content to the net.

Tubatomic Studio
Address: 3804 St. Elmo Ave. Suite 111, Chattanooga, TN 37409, USA
Tel: +1 423 821 6210

Text: Mayumi Kaneko

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