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This month we have a cover graphic which was contributed by a Japanese design collective TRESPASSER. Combining fashion and graphic design, they are actively creating various pieces of work and working hard on the web. They took a series of photos for our new line up of products. This latest issue features an interview with Daima Kawamura, TRESSPASSER.

At first, please give me your profile and explain about your current activity?

Daima Kawamura, I’m 24 years old, living in Tokyo. I work under the name of (planet telex) with my friends. (Planet telex) is a unit for our friends to create something and help them. Almost all the works are requested privately. I now produce big superficial pieces and images with Masaya Kameishi (Paranoia Factory).

Can you talk about your web site “TRESPASSER“?

TRESPASSER is a private gallery. One year have passed since it’s opened for creating pieces and colleting materials to match with the site design, so I will renew it entirely.

What is important for you among photograph, graphicdesign, webdesign and so on?

Basically, I don’t care about the means as my expression, but dare to say, graphicdesign is. I think the thing the world is supporting now is graphicdesign, so I generally pick it up.

Web site “TRESPASSER” is fashionable. What do you think about the relation between fashin and graphic?

I’m working as a pleasure, so their relation likes a couple who is deeply in love. But in case of work clients takes the initiative and business is involved, it likes a couple who thinks interests important.

What are you interested expect fashion?

Things about movies – props, production notes, setting up of scenes, camerawork and so on.

Who is your favorite designer(s) and site(s)?

I’m not sure about web designers. I like Katharina Sieverding who works fine art in Germany. He’s excellent. And SSS and SHIFT. I respect their way to communicate and their stance on web site.

In the end, do you have plans for the future?

I want to spend with my girlfriend for the time being. Then I will make postcards like shots of an imaginary movie.

Text: Satoru Tanno

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