PLACEText: Filip Stoj

Shine, forged from the dust of the old ‘New Music Cafe’, rises to satiate the ever-hungry hoards of New York celebs and models with a new twist: live performance and entertainment. For now, it’s still pretty tasteful, but the scenes flip + flop here like a cross dressing queen.

Although located in Tribeca, just south of canal on west Broadway, Shine drew quite a number of Bridge and Tunnelers (read: New Jersey + Long Islanders) to the scene in the first few opening nights. It seems like the new money is moving in for good, much to the exasperation of the posh celebs who had to endure their goggle-eyed drunken stupidities with a stiff upper lip.

But really, the new + polished becomes tired + ‘out’ in seconds here, and as the winter draws on in it’s lukewarm indecision, the best times and the most kudos go out to those who make their own fun wherever they feel comfortable. Overall, Shine’s a good place to take the focus away from the tedium of the everyday grind and let loose with some friends.+

Text: Filip Stoj

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