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HAPPENINGText: Anthony Augendre

Ryoji Ikeda and Panasonic are well known for their hard experimental music productions. “Le garage” is an old dusty workshop turned into a venue.

Lighting and sound system are plain but it’s the only place where you can appreciate this kind of entertainment. The audience is always numerous, quite polite, but never enthusiastic. Maybe it’s the right attitude to appear blasé.

Ryoji Ikeda (Dumb Type producer) started the concert with a minimal, abstract live: no video, no light show, no rock n’roll pose, just an elegant stiff guy standing behind a digital recorder, manipulating knobs. It could be boring but you had to concentrate hard on sounds, just pure electronic noises going through your ears and your soul. Splendid.

Panasonic guys don’t talk. I met them for an interview, It was a complete disaster. They gazed at me answering yes and no to any of my questions. I came to the conclusion that their music talks better than they do. Their show was brutal almost hard core. A video translated all their tunes via a visual oscillator. People came crazy and were dancing on white and pink noise like analog tribal freaks.

Ryoji Ikeda & Panasonic
Date: June 27th, 1998
Place: Le Garage
Address: 3 impasse Mont-Louis, 75011 Paris

Text: Anthony Augendre

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