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Nest has been fascinating audiences by its powerful danceing to the beat of Techno sounds since 1991 when it presented “Never More”. After a year from the successful performance “UT” in Slovackia, Nest has just performed its latest work “Circulation Module” at Shinjuku Park Tower Hall in Tokyo.

This performance was held in three stories steel made building with collaboration of various artists. Thecho sounds by DJ MOODMAN and MULTIPLEX, psychedelic images by video artists and the dance of Nest, these were intertwining and at the same time, trying to communicate each other within limited time of 10 minutes.

Through this process, performers overwhelmingly created power, stimulation and information. We, audiences, had been given no time to think but carried away the five senses by the sensation. I think this was worthy of an inter media installation rather than a dance performance.

“Circulation Module” might not pleased those who expected Nest’s speedy and sharp dancing. In fact, this time the dance was a bit softer than before. However I’ve got a strong impression of which Nest was attempting to the new expression. It wasn’t passing images and information but searching possibilities of what would happen when different factors met at a same place and moment.

As Mr.Isiyama, the representative of Nest, says Nest is trying to embody the system of “the information chaos which takes root in present-day society”. And the participation of media artists CINET-P for the Internet live and chats in this performance forwarded the attempt of Nest as well.
We can’t take our eyes off Nest future and farther development.

Nest “Circulation Module”
Date: 15th – 17th January, 1998
Place: Park Tower Hall
Concept: Yuzo Ishiyama, Naoki Hamanaka, Taro Nishimoto
Sound Creation: Moodman, Multiplex
Lighting Design: Yuji Sekiguchi (A.P.S)
Network Technology: Keisuke Ooshima (CINET-P)
Installation: Reiko Fukuda, Ricky Ryuta
Video Graphics: Taro Kuroda, Shutaro Oku, Kaori Tauchi
Costume Design: Masaka Watanabe
Stage Manager: Takayuki Kuroda (ball inc.)
Graphic Design: Naoki Hamada
Photography: Yota Kataoka
Produce: Makoto Oooke
Management: Junko Hasegawa, Hiromi Kosugi
Performed by Created with Kunihiko Matsuo, Miki Sato, Kazuhiro Ikeno, Hiroko Tanakawa, Jerome Wacquiez, Yuzo Ishiyama and others

Text: Rita
Translation: Yota Kataoka

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