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Ryoko Kaneta “Sakurajima Island”, 2020, Acrylic on canvas, 606 × 910 mm © Ryoko Kaneta

One of the leading figures of the up-and-coming generation, Ryoko Kaneta’s first solo exhibition in Japan “Ametsuchi” will be held at Gallery Yukihira, Tokyo from March 20th to April 5th, 2020.

Born in 1991, Japan. Ryoko Kaneta expresses the existence of gods and natural phenomena beyond human knowledge by drawing girls in various sizes. In recent years, she has produced many works on the theme of Japanese indigenous culture and daily signs. Since 2012, she has been hosting a group exhibition “199X” as an attempt to explore character expression with creators at the same age (born in the 90s) who grew up surrounded by animation, manga and games.

Kaneda is a young artist who is active internationally, holding solo exhibitions abroad, however this exhibition is the long-awaited first solo exhibition in Japan. In this exhibition, she will display about 15 new art works.

Ryoko Kaneta “Ametsuchi”
Date: March 20th – April 5th, 2020
Open: 12:00 – 19:00 (Closed on Monday and Tuesday)
Place: Gallery Yukihira
Address: 1–20–8 Higashi, Kunitachi-city, Tokyo

Text: Editor

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