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NEWSText: Aya Shomura

© Ly

© Ly

At CALM & PUNK GALLERY in Tokyo, a painter Ly‘s solo exhibition “Far From Home” will start from June 10th to 26th. Ly has been drawn fantastic creatures with black and white which live in her inner world. The characteristic of her drawing is transient view of the world.

While creating works feverishly from childhood, imperceptibly her monsters had sociability as well, and her pictures and she have ended up as far away from the home where they had lived with peace of mind.

For this exhibition, she will express the experience and a world; landscape where she has arrived at through the collapse and growth of several times, on the gallery wall. Passed 11 years as a painter, she asks herself “What can I draw hereafter?” with pausing once. What kind of world will Ly draw?

Ly “Far From Home”
Date: June 10th – 26th, 2016
Opening hours: 12:00 – 19:00 (Closed on Monday)
Opening reception: June 10th, 19:00 –
Address: 1F Asai building, 1-15-15 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Tel: +81 (0)3 5775 0825
Supported by Hip, Colorworks
Admission free

Text: Aya Shomura

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