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PEOPLEText: Victor Moreno

OM–SE is made in Sweden. What are the main benefits of this?

Making the decision to produce our skincare in Sweden felt natural from the start. We wanted to feel confident in terms of the quality of the production facility and that the people working there have good conditions and a fair salary. Sweden has a long tradition of craftsmanship and high-quality in the production industry. We also wanted a partner with a special ability to handle natural ingredients and deliver small batches. And the stars aligned, and we found an excellent partner in the northern part of Sweden, in the middle of the mountain range close to the Norwegian border.

How does OM–SE convey the Swedish formula of design and quality affordable for anybody?

Our products are carefully formulated to deliver a daily dose of essential nutrients and hydration at great value for money. We price the products to be affordable, so people can enjoy quality every day. We didn’t price them to go through middle men before reaching the end user.


Is there a compromise between quality and sustainability?

We want every bottle we produced to be used until finished. For us, the most sustainable thing to do is to buy less stuff, but the things you buy should be of good quality. Our business model is sustainable growth, scaling our production in line with the actual demand rather than the other way around. That’s why we always offer a good deal for those who chose to subscribe to one or more of our products, simply because it makes the batch-planning more accurate. And that helps minimize overproduction and more fresh products. The customer wins. The planet wins. Everyone wins.

There is a very competitive market within the skincare industry. How do you challenge this?

It’s very competitive indeed. Why we dared to pursue this is mainly because of all the positive feedback we got from friends and range of the test pilots involved in the product development process.


Do you have any unique formula for your products?

We’ve created and refined the four formulas of the course of four years.

Also the concept of preservation of the final product is very important for you.

Natural and active ingredients perform their best when enjoyed fresh, as they lose their power over time. Skincare products are normally formulated with enough preservatives to make them last up to three years or more on a shelf. Preservatives can be harsh and make your skin react, especially when using many products on top of each other. We offer fresh and highly potent skincare products by producing them in smaller batches, aiming at meeting the actual demand from our customers, instead of producing long-lasting products for warehouse shelves. We proudly display the best before date on both box and bottle. We recommend using the products every day. They are made to be enjoyed daily, not to save for later.

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