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PEOPLEText: Victor Moreno

Is this something similar to Max MSP ?

Yeah it is in the direction of those software environments but it is a very special one. I’ve been studying it for about eight years now.

NEL FFT Suite 2017

Perhaps, do you know Holly Herndon?

I’m familiar with the name.

She’s a lecturer at Stanford University and due it is close to Silicon Valley, these type of software companies there want her to try things here and there.

This is a very small company. It first started in 1990. It is one of the oldest system, actually. It has a very long legacy. It is vey special because of that. They certainly don’t give systems away to anyone (laughs) because they cannot afford it (more laughs)

GlobSeq b24 n6 – Limited Edition

I do understand you need some kind of hardware too.

Yeah, it’s an expert system. It is an investment. For many years I’ve learned I need to develop my own tools. That’s quite a normal path for composers to become a bit technologist also. This system was created by a computer scientist who was also a harpist and played in orchestras – someone who really understands music very deeply, connected with sound in extended ways.

This is not a mixing tool.

No, not many people have even heard of it.

Do you use it as a composer?

I’ve personally tried other programs like Max MSP and all the other stuff many composers use it but I stick to this one, nuanced and specialized.

What are you work with currently?

Sound design, almost completely in Kyma, I’m composing a new piece of music to be performed during 2019.

Could you please explain a bit how that performance will look like?

I will finish it composing it spatially, and it will be performed on a similar system.

Where do you plan to begin the shows?

I will play around Scandinavia this fall. I am happy that moved to Scandinavia, it’s not about Copenhagen but you move around Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo. These cities are more prominent in my life now as a composer.

Text: Victor Moreno

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