PLACEText: Kengo Michizoe

PAVILION has a different entrance day and night, and there is a long corridor that extends 50m from the night entrance to the entrance of the store. In the corridor, there is a work desk that is Shinro Onishi’s “Doramukan” and it’s Sakanaction‘s Ichiro Yamaguchi actually used desk. Since we walk through the corridor step by step, it is led to a different space apart from the noise of Nakameguro.


Just off the corridor, a mass of concrete like the foundation of the structure enters into the eyes. This is a work of Nishino “Stuck It In From Behind!”. The piece of concrete is actually the foundation of the street light. The street light was stuck in the wall penetrating from the male toilet to the girls’ toilet. The lighting part is illuminating the girls’ toilet.


The dishes offered are pursuing for the art value at the same time. “Uncommon oven-fired meat dishes to ignite the heart”, “Gateau Chocolate with Amazon Wild Cacao” and “King’s Caprese with Burrata”…  You can enjoy an unique menu using selected ingredients. Their producers are no longer artists.


In addition, there is unique service such as purchasing only with their own currency “ROMAN”. At the self wine bar, you can choose among ten kinds of wine, such as “Loveroman liquor” that others can drink and keep by bottle.

A beloved dinner, on the dining table as a work of art!

Address: Nakameguro Koukashita, 1-6-10 Kami-meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Open: 11:30 – 15:00 / 17:00 – 26:00
   (Saturday 11:30 – 26:00, Sunday till 23:00)
   ※Last order till 30 min before close time)
Tel: 03-6416-5868

Text: Kengo Michizoe
Translation: Peggy Yumei Lee
Photos: Courtesy of © Smiles

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