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Help, Chisato Shinya

In your works, I feel some symbolic having some meaning as traditional pattern, not only cuteness. Where the icon with our unique curve and shape came from?

Oh, You do? As it’s steeped in the body, I have not drawn especially conscious. I think that it might be because I have drawn up my favorite shapes many times till drawing well since I was a child. Even after the debut as an illustrator, it is a continuous process of trial and error to think composition, but about the approach I stuck on whether I can draw how comfortably and interesting is.

BBC web, Chisato Shinya

Imaginary animals and creatures also appears on your works. What does it mean to “imagine” for you?

I have drawn a part that can not be expressed in words. I want people to imagine “what’s that?” There is no answer. Even I draw all with some meanings to me, it’s happy for me if you will imagine variously.

Artist Room at Cross Hotel Sapporo, 2015, Photo: Hajime Nohara

You are producing a 3 months limited room “Artist Room” even at Cross Hotel Sapporo, as a cooperation project of Art Fair Sapporo 2015.

I produced new works for guests who could feel a fun. And I designed cushions for the room. It was so fun to coordinate a hotel room.

“Looks Like X’mas.”, Clark Gallery+SHIFT, Sapporo, 2015, Photo: Erika Kusumi

Could you please tell us about your story behind the theme for the exhibition “Looks Like X’mas.?” Why did you select those animals appeared on as motifs?

Actually it is a little perverse. The reason is why I have been drawn to the theme of Christmas in my job many times over… as you know originally Christmas is the day of Christ’s birthday. When you see “Crèche de Noël” and paintings, Christ is born in the stables (barn) and there is no horse, but donkeys and sheeps are drawn (Why? But I never tend to talk about the religious story here). Therefore, as drawing these animals and Maria, I tried to welcome visitors who came to see and to display all looks like X’mas.

“Looks Like X’mas.”, Clark Gallery+SHIFT, Sapporo, 2015, Photo: Erika Kusumi

What is Christmas for you?

During my childhood, it was a fabulous time for me to look forward to the presents, and my dad decorated the tree with ornaments that he cut at a mountain and mom baked a cake! And now it’s the day to pray for peace with singing Hallelujah at Church.

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