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HAPPENINGText: Namie Kuwata

Atsuhiko Misawa, one of sculptors with the attention today was hold in Takamatsu city museum of Art last summer. In year 2000, Atsuhiko Misawa has started the production of wood sculpture works “ANIMALS” series that have life-size animals as the motif. From 2007, solo exhibitions are shown in museums in Japan.

Animal2010-03 Photo: Ken Kato

The works are made with camphor tree, coloured with oil paints and colour pencils. Carefully sculpted marks of chisels create texture of the hair. The shapes of the animals have Atsuhiko Misawa’s original characteristics. Although in the humourous impression, the claws and fangs are sharp and remind the harshness of wildlife in simple and gentle atmosphere. Animals with simplified characteristics have realistic presence that go beyond our vague imagination of animals. Although they are wooden sculptures, when touching the sculptures, the viewers feel the body temperature of the animals as if there are muscles underneath the skin covered with hair. From the balance of camphor tree’s gravity, the viewers receive strength and toughness based on the tension and the weight. Many pieces have postures with straight spine, looking straight, and impressions of standing with confidence, with the combination of gentle scent of camphor tree, one may even feel overwhelming existence of “ANIMALS” noble.
Drawings and works produced in workshops are also exhibited in the exhibition along with wooden three-dimensional works.

Animal2011-07 Photo: Yoshiyaka Uchida

Hideki Toyoshima (gm projects) has designed the composition of the exhibition space in Takamatsu venue. Hideki Toyoshima has maximized the attractiveness of Atsuhiko Misawa’s works from different approaches. Hideki Toyoshima has delivered a place to meet with works that are more than just unique and adorable.
“Atsuhiko Misawa ANIMALS” will be traveling in museums all around in Japan.

Animal2010-01 Photo: Yoshiyaka Uchida

Atsuhiko Misawa ANIMALS 2014 Exhibition in Takamatsu
Date: July 11th – August 24th, 2014
Opening hours: 9:30 – 19:00 (Sunday until 17:00)
Holiday: Monday
Place: Takamatsu city museum of Art
Address: 10-4, Konya-cho, Takamatsu, Kagawa
Tel: +81(0)87 823 1711

Text: Namie Kuwata
Translation: Moeko Maruyama

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