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HAPPENINGText: Krister Olsson

The first Thursday is of every month is an exciting day for Bay Area hipsters and art fanatics as they flock to the heart of San Francisco’s gallery scene, 49 Geary, to see art, drink drinks, and gossip about what’s going on in our tiny city. A lot of the work leaves much to be desired, but Stella Lai’s first solo show, “Don’t Touch Me” at Lizabeth Oliveria Gallery is thankfully a cut above the rest.

Yes, Stella is my business partner at Tree-Axis, but she was an avid painter long before we formed our little design unit. Prior to her recent show her work has appeared around town at New Langton Arts and the Luggage Store Gallery.

Stella’s current crop of work features a trinity of cartoon animals, each representing a different aspect of her personality. Much of her work is based on memories from her childhood, of course with a zany little twist. Rather than try and write a formal critique of her work, it’s probably better to direct you to look at the pictures that accompany this article, and also to a recent write-up in ArtForum.

Stella Lai “Don’t Touch Me”
Date: September 4th – October 11th, 2003
Place: Lizabeth Oliveria Gallery
Address: 49 Geary Street #411, San Francisco, CA 94108

Text: Krister Olsson
Photos: Krister Olsson

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