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HAPPENINGText: Mami Goda


Cheerful and energetic graffiti in Buenos Aires attracts much attention of whole world in all these years. Graffiti art in Argentina which originally dealt with politically charged messages is now becoming a vital part of Argentine contemporary art scene by hands of talented urban artists.

Different from so-called self-sufficient Arts, the common motivation of artists is to create communication with the masses in the total freedom. Graffiti is everywhere. Moreover, most of them have enough high-impact characters to jump into people’s view and surprise them.

Even though you can accidentally encounter some famous graffiti artists’ works in walking, actually it’s not easy to encompass most of hotspots in Buenos Aires alone. So, here we strongly recommend street art tours which make you discover the plenty of cool works of the city.


Graffitimundo, founded in two years ago by Marina Charles and Jo Sharff sets up tours of street art in the city in order to promote Buenos Aires street art in cooperation with the artists. The tours are carried out every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and cover the main attractions of street art in Buenos Aires for about three hours from 15:00 to 18:00. Each single piece is carefully explained by friendly and crisp guide. For your information, the guide is in English.


The first meeting place is in front of the house fully decorated with cute and intriguing creatures by the artists DEFI and CHU, located at Colegiales district.

Public place


Pass through a huge public place where you find one of the largest painted walls in Buenos Aires, then keep walking to look around JAZZ and RUNDONWALK’s works.


Then you get a van in the middle of the tours to continue into Palermo area. After visiting Doma street art gallery, meet CABAIO’s intense stencil works with a lot of precise and schizophrenic style. Feminine and punky PUMPUM’s works, NERF’s 3D block style, and many others will be waiting to surprise you. The final location is a street art themed bar called Hollywood in Cambodia.


Three hours complete and total, it is full of happening and entertainment.

Hollywood in Cambodia

Some artists’ works are available online. Graffitimundo also arragnes stencil workshops with today’s living artists. It’s worth checking.

Graffitimundo Tour
Open: Wednesday – Saturday, 15:00-18:00
Cost: 90 AR$
Tel: +54 911 3683 3219 (Office hours 10:00-19:00, Monday – Saturday)

Text: Mami Goda
Photos: Mami Goda

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