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PEOPLEText: Celeste Najt

Jessica Trosman

Jessica Trosman is increasingly becoming a well known new face in the fashion world while she still remains based in Buenos Aires, the city which supplies her with endless inspiration.
Jessica works between spontaneousness and exactness like if she knew the creative secrets of nature, her garments glow like mysterious objects that have been conceived effortlessly but precisely. She follows her own path which explores a large and eclectic list sources that goes from art-deco furniture to insect anatomy, astronauta suits and rollercoaster structures. – Extracted from Trosman website.


How did you decide to be a fashion designer?

When I was a little girl my mother, who was a big consumer of clothing items, would take me shopping with her. I enjoyed it a lot and I think that is how my eyes were trained and how I came to want to make my own clothes!

How does Trosman born?

First Trosman Churba was born, with Martín, and after several years together we decided to have our own brands – we had grown and each one wanted to steer the brand towards a different direction. That is when Trosman was born – in 2002. I wanted to continue designing clothes and it was obvious that my label would be Trosman…


The aesthetic influences of the brand: Which are the usual sources of inspiration for the design of your collections? What about the last one in particular? What did you base yourself on?

I base my designs on the work I have done in previous collections, from what may have remained incomplete or might have given me new ideas springing from what I have already done.

Which are your favourite fabrics?

All the noble ones.


What´s Your favourite outfit on sale right now?

Ufff many!!! From leather jackets, sweaters, pants, tops …

What does fashion mean to you?

A way of expressing myself, that what I do essentially pleases myself – that is what makes me happy.

How would you describe the woman who wears Trosman?

The woman who wears Trosman is an informed woman who travels, which doesn´t follow the rest at the time of chose her identity, who dresses for herself!

What are you looking for when you design?

I look for shapes that have never before been seen, that mainly fit well and make women feel confident.

One Word to define Trosman?


Trosman Paseo Alcorta
Address: Paseo Alcorta, 3172 Salguero Street, Palermo, Buenos Aires
Tel: +54 11 5777 6595

Trosman Patio Bulrrich
Address: Patio Bullrich, 750 Libertador Avenue, Recoleta, Buenos Aires
Tel: +54 11 4814 7414

Trosman Palermo Soho
Address: 1998 Armenia Street, Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires
Tel: +54 11 4833 3058

Text: Celeste Najt
Translation: Shiori Saito
Photos: © Trosman

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