PLACEText: Joanna Kawecki

Boundary exterior. Photo: Paul Raeside © Boundary

The Boundary Project is one grande idea. The latest endeavour by renowned London restauranteur Terence Conran as a multidisciplinary space, home to Boundary Rooftop and Hotel, Boundary Restaurant and Bar, and Albion “Caff” cafe. Delightfully ambitious, and perfectly executed as an unpretentiously sophisticated establishment.
Husband-wife duo Terence and Vicki Conran teamed up with business partner Peter Prescott, and their taste in fine living is visible in each space of Boundary.

Boundary Hotel Crew. Photo: Paul Raeside © Boundary

In a former industrial light building, Boundary is a unique complex in an equally atmospheric location, found right in the heart of East London’s creative hub on Redchurch Street. Not only holding a creative energy amongst the style-orientated interior, but in the clientele and guests that are drawn to the space. Comfortably situated across from the exclusive Shoreditch House only makes for great people-watching of the city’s fashion and style aficionados.

Albion Cafe © Boundary

A modern light-filled space is the “caff”. Albion cafe serves uncomplicated British cafe food, whilst the bakers and chefs prepare organic meals in the open kitchen, allowing all your senses to dine first.
Alongside, there is a small food store, specialising in British produce providing the freshest bread, scrumptious cakes and seasonal greens coming uniquely from the Conrans’ country home just over in Barton Court.

Boundary Restaurant © Boundary

Cutting edge design and artwork encompasses the building, with pieces from Parisian graffiti artist Blek le Rat and photographer Noelle Hoeppe, amongst 50 other artists, photographers and print makers coming from the collections of Terence and Vicki Conran or especially commissioned.

Boundary – Sir Terence Conran Suite. Photo: Paul Raeside © Boundary

Furthermore impressive are the interiors of each Boundary guestroom. Owners Peter Prescott and The Conrans’ have used their personal and suitable taste of furniture and art for the 17 guestrooms available.
Special note given to the unique an extremely thoughtful approach. The Charles & Ray Eames Room, as the name suggests, is dedicated to Eames furniture and design whereas Le Corbusier & Charlotte Perriand Room celebrates the duos unique partnership, using Corbusier’s drawings for the headboard and Charlotte’s desk chair.


Whether its dining in Albion cafe or Boundary restaurant below, a birds eye view of East London from the Rooftop or hotel guestroom. Boundary is a must-visit.

Address: 2-4 Boundary Street, Shoreditch, London E2 7DD
Tel: +44 2 7729 1051

Text: Joanna Kawecki

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