PEOPLEText: Mariko Takei

Voilà, Vantan! exhibited work, old French Embassy, 2009

How did you start work on illustrations?

Of course I like to draw, but I got repulsive to the pop things as I learned drawings at art school. Since then I started to illustrate in a current style.


On your website, I saw 2 opposite styles of different illustrations, like one in digital and the other in analog. What method do you use for working on each style? Also, are there any theme or concept for each style?

As far as the original work goes, I consciously try to depict something opposite and inconsistent because I like them. In the point of view, I think I have a same theme for both styles. I depict various opposites for each work, so I will be glad if you look at it as well.
I like shapes rather than colors, so I try to give an impression of shapes, by reducing impression of colors with using monochrome colors for the analog style and various colors for the digital style evenly.


What do you get inspiration from? Could you talk about your working process?

I think I get inspiration from most of things, but when I actually work on my work, I don’t directly link with them and start working with drawing lines unconsciously, adjusting them, and leaving some of them and changing the rest…
I aim to express both self-expression that is unconstrained by stereotypes and trying to my way over to the audience in a piece of my work.

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