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PLACEText: Victor Moreno


*Tour de France: a plate in shape of France, six stops according to the race with a speciality of cheese from that region and an iPod with famous Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgård (English or Swedish version) talking about the cheeses, CRAZY!


*Cheeseburger: It is a dessert. Inspired by the french macaroon. A tiny-cute piece of sweetness.

* Eau de Truffle: Essence of truffle serve in a mini spray-can. Even better than Chanel !

Do you like to be open-minded to new wine producers?

We are very French-based. You always can find other options, most value for money. Best wines are founded in France.

Do you enjoy most cooking for people close to you or is the other way around?

I think is the other way around. When you are off here you normally want to cook not so much. By afternoon I got to pick up kids, prepare them lunch so I have to do it in both places or pick something from the staff we have done that day to bring home when you feel more lazy.

The experience at Frantzén/Lindeberg is a space ship- once you stepped on its no turning back. A six home made bon-bons and the eucalyptus carbonic acid on apple in the end it is very memorable.

Restaurant Frantzén/Lindeberg
Address: Lilla Nygatan 21, 111 28 Stockholm
Opening Hours: 18:00 – 01:00
Closed on Sunday and Monday
Tel: +46 (0)8 20 85 80 (12:00 –18:00)

Text: Victor Moreno
Photos: © Stefan van der Kwast Gissberg

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