PEOPLEText: Eduard Prats Molner


You have been collaborating with several people. Do you feel collaborations being harder than your solo work?

I like a lot doing my own things and maybe that’s the reason why I love collaborating with other people. I steal them! You learn a lot while working with others. A collaborative project forces you to change your working method, to see through someone else’s eyes and lately to be self-explanatory. You have to achieve that the person(s) you are collaborating with can understand you. Anyway, at the end the results are important.

You have recently collaborated with Alex Trochut. Why? How did such a project happen?

Right after coming back from Berlin a friend of mine showed me Alex website. I was very impressed and I could imagine all his work on ceramics right away. Without thinking, I wrote him an E-mail with my particular love declaration and a formal work proposal. We understood each other very good. Maybe, just like me, he could also imagine the fusion of our work being a good idea, so we started to work.

The exhibition was entitled “TROCHUT + APPARATU Vol. 1“. Are you both planning to come up with other collaborative work?

When we started to work together we had lots of ideas. We had too many so we had to choose. We started with an homage to world’s ugliest jacket and later with the bar’s swimming-pool rubber rings. This is what we have been exhibiting in Barcelona, but we keep working together and now, that we know better each other, we are working on something that keeps us very enthusiastic.


Your work was exhibited in London, Stockholm, Barcelona, Tokyo and Milan. Recently, you have been in Colombia teaching a workshop at the university of Architecture. How all these things happen?

I am not really sure yet, but probably for being such a pain in the neck. Two years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined myself explaining my work in Tokyo or teaching classes in Bogotá. One thing leads to the other. I started with the designboom platform, having a table of merely one meter long and now the space keeps growing…


Most of Apparatu’s work is basically objects. It is possible to buy them? How? Do you have limited series?

In Apparatu we produce the pieces according to traditional techniques. We distribute in Spain and other countries, but in low scale. Anyone can contact us via Email and order a piece… or five hundred. Soon, we’ll have an on-line shop too.

Many thanks for your time. It was a pleasure interviewing you. Thank you for the interview!

Text: Eduard Prats Molner
Photos: Apparatu

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