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PLACEText: Carlos J. Gómez de Llarena from med44


The day I visited was sunny and a healthy crowd had gathered to walk and rest in the wooden loungers. At a couple of points on the path, the structure traverses buildings in Chelsea and the Meatpacking area creating generous shaded spaces. Some of these already feature art installations and lighting designs.


Construction of the second stage can be seen at 20th street, but with this first segment already open to the public, New York’s waterfront is positively transformed and well worth a visit.

The High Line
Address: From corner of Gansevoort/Washington Streets through 20th Street between 11th & 10th Avenues.
Hours: 7:00 – 22:00
Tel: (212) 500-6035

Text: Carlos J. Gómez de Llarena from med44
Photos: Carlos J. Gómez de Llarena from med44

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