THINGSText: Naoko Miura

In the spring of 2008, the design book “PRINTWORK” has been published by a publisher “viction:ary” in Hong Kong.

PRINTWORK is showcasing how prints can get the ability and performing skills to bring publications and promotions alive. In addition, this book suggests the difference between the old printing methd and that of modren, through the presentation of the print works.

“PORTFOLIO” Designed by Scandinavian DesignLab

For the publication and the promotion the design, such as catalogues, leaflets, packaging, name cards, brochures and more, is a important aspect for the advertising campaign, the exploitation of productions and more.

“DANI KULTIRE ISLANDA” Designed by Karlssonwilker inc.

Most of prints on the products is shown to be a visual representation for the product itself, and it needs ability to make more memorabl itself for the consumer. The wild ideas, the fantastic visualisation, the special texture when it is being touched, and the format that it was being presented, these essences are there to be a big value.

“MY LIFE IN THE MAKING EMI WADA” Designed by Communion W limited

Lithography, woodcuts, etching and screen-prints are the traditional methods for the print; moreover printing effects also within its field. For example, there are UV varnishing, hot stamping, embossing, dei-cutting and so on. On the other hand, designers and artists confront with a new challenge of printing techniques because of popularization of computers and the internet in these days.

“INNER ROSE” Designed by Nakajima Design

The book ‘PRINTWORK’ introduces 50-plus designers and their high quality works across 248 pages. I felt that it is most important that the power of the print image has unlimited possibilities.


Specification: 248 pages, 200 x 255mm, Full color throughout, Soft cover
Language: English
Released: April 2008
Price: USD 42.00
ISBN: 978-988-98228-9-7
Published by Viction:ary

Text: Naoko Miura

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