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First she thought that Awaji island was going to be the island of Art quite easily, however, she has had a difficult time since started to live and realized a necessity of solidarity with people from different fields. And now she has been working on it very hard, Ms. Yamaguchi talks.

Awajishima Art CenterAwajishima Art Center
Onion project

In 2007, she became a foster parent of 92 onions entitling Onion project that is a work of whole process from growing onions till having them. I was also one of parents and joined the meal. It was pleasant to enjoy its taste and the nice peculiar atmosphere. Gallery artists include Fishingdiary, Japanese mattress workman/creator, musician, Italian cook, and so on.

Awajishima Art Center
Hinode-tei, Takuya Kubo “Mother and Cart”, 2007

Moreover, an event with a local special product “onion”, remodeling a woman’s cart in neighbor because it was sort of shabby, a bathtub (that you can use for real) at Hinode-tei, etc. Just so unique and powerful.

Awajishima Art Center
A bathtub at Hinode-tei

People from Art NPO all over Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa came together at the forum, and discussed on various issues in the daytime. I realized that lots of interesting things are happening in every place.

In the forum, corporate mecenat people indicated that most of groups generally linked with their local but quite few with local business and schools. Some art NPO group told that they have had wanted to be in the big pleasing city, however, it has been worthwhile to stay in local, to find a purpose for life, and to take pleasure in it since an establishment of the organization. That hit my heart and also gave me surprise because I have thought that they just really liked to be there, so that established their organization.

Also, there was a moment that everybody bursted into laughter as a puppet said “I heard that all of you have been big difficulties with running art NPO…” in Awaji-island’s traditional puppet show “Ningyo Joruri” at work shop. This made me realized that they are doing with great pain but really like it.

All participants seemed to have good time experiencing various attractions at Awajishima Art Center. What fascinates me in this art scene? Certainly it is something make you feel good, I think. Why don’t you come and see for art and sightseeing in Awaji island?

Awajishima Art Center
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Text: Jo Phirip
Translation: Yoshitaka Futakawa
Photos: Takuya Kubo, Courtesy of Awajishima Art Center

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