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On a sunny Sunday, which never really happens in London, you may feel like visiting this lovely gallery. “176” opened last September at Chalk Farm north London. “176” is managed by The Zabludowicz Art Trust which is also had a exhibitions at BALTIC last year. They own over 1,000 works for their collection and this art space aims to extend the Collection’s reach by inviting the public.

176 Gallery

The gallery can be found on 176 Prince of Wales Road, The building itself was built in 1867 and until the 1960s was the central Methodist Chapel for the Kings Cross and Camden area. Huge Greek style pillars welcome you and guide to the rather modern reception area.

176 Gallery

It has two large exhibition spaces and eight smaller rooms which create a complicated maze. The upper tier, circling the main hall, a relic from the gallery’s drama school history, still exist and allow you to view the exhibitions from other angles. Narrow staircases and dark passage make creaky sounds which gives an additional effect for some of the more disturbing art that is sometimes exhibited.

176 Gallery

After the opening exhibition An Archaeology, the second exhibition at 176 is a new film work Living London by Gerry Fox. Getting into main room, there are six big screens at every direction. The top screen shows sky, the bottom one, the ground and the front screens show views of famous London streets at 360 degrees, making you feel as if you were there. The film shows London’s bustling landmark Piccadilly Circus and you can feel like as somebody’s about to bump into your way.

176 Gallery

After the noisy city view, there comes the opposite images. The cameras show us green, trees, sunshine between leaves. It feels like you can hear the birds singing. This is such diversion from Piccadilly Circus maybe you think but in London, even centre of the city there are relaxing parks.

176 Gallery

Other smaller rooms also set with multiple screens, which reflect London’s multiculturalism, consumerism and environmental issues. The real London aspect captured by this documental film maker must tell you something even if you are not a Londoner.

176 Gallery

You can’t forget about their café of course because LOLA’s is in charge. Very colourful and unique icing cup cakes are so popular between fashion show’s goody bags or reception party sweets. So here we go, take out London’s most stylish cake after seeing Living London project.

Address: 176 Prince of Wales Road, London NW5 3PT, UK
Tel: +44(0)20 7428 8940
Opening hours: Thu & Fri 11:00-15:00 / Sat & Sun 11:00-18:00 / Other times by appointment
Admission / Annual Membership: 5 euro

Living London Exhibition until April 20th

Text and Photos: Sayaka Hirakawa, Simon Borkin

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