PLACEText: Gisella Lifchitz

Spina is cool. It’s a modern brand created by two young and promising designers who get along wonderfully. Spina is nice. Their clothes are elegant and smart; they surely know what they’re doing.
That’s what we might guess just by passing by their store or watching their show. That’s what we might think without looking carefully.

Once we look twice, though, we know more than that. We begin to know these two creators beyond their art, their garments and their style. If we look carefully, we can see their souls.

These two met in college, while Flavio was teaching Carla how to be a better designer. He was looking for a partner and he found her. They soon got along and started working together.
“We have a mutual code, we’ve always shared that”, says Flavio with a smile. “Although we’re both Scorpio, we’re very different. There are things we don’t need to talk about, we just do them. We have the same ideological conception of design”.

Both Flavio Spina and Carla Cando come from a family of tailors so they decided to recreate this activity based on two concepts: constructivism and deconstruction. From this statement, they mix irony with traditions and rules of tailoring, creating a new contemporary sportive style for men.
“We have a destructive and constructive intention, that’s why our main concept is deconstruction”, Flavio tells me.
“My mother always tells me I opened my dolls as a kid because I wanted to discover how they could walk”, Carla adds.
“We like to investigate and research on everything. We work with parts”, they tell me and soon after that they show me their jackets, trousers, shirts and I begin loving them all and wanting to give them as gifts.

This new collection “To the bones”, is just about that. They show the inside of the body, the other side of things. It’s the handmade thing combined with the most industrial process of production. Both sides of the story, both parts of one same thing, like them working together as a whole.
This collection is based on a short animated movie by Mexican Ren_ Castillo, it’s a stock motion movie about a happy burial where a man finds out he’s dead and he’s fine with that fact. He manages to have a good time in a tavern, being dead and all. “It’s death as a new start, we’re always restarting what we do”, says Carla. “From the beginning of our project, we were in the middle of the argentine crisis and we were born again. Every collection has something to do with this”.

Flavio and Carla get attached to things and models and designs, their clothes reveal their spirit and the way they live their everyday lives. We can easily affirm they are their clothes, and the clothes are a part of them. They believe in contrast and they look for it in everything: so there’s black-white, life-death, fantasy-reality. “We pick a subject and follow it through the whole creation process”, they tell me.

Spina’s clothes are colourful and friendly. Their designers are passionate and vivacious. And we became friends in two hours.

When I leave the place, I’m filled with creative energy.
The air smells like spring and I decide I deserve a new beginning too.

Text: Gisella Lifchitz

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