THINGSText: Yurie Hatano

Edvard Scott (Sweden)

Edvard Scott operates his little one-man-studio from the usually cold country of Sweden (slightly larger than California). Scott started doing illustrations and design back in 2004 and has since then been involved in numerous projects; both as a freelance designer and with Stockholm Design Lab, where he’s currently employed. The projects have reached thru many different categories; Scott has worked with everything from basic illustrations to major corporate identities, as well as motion graphics and magazine layouts. Scott is always trying to break new ground with projects in all forms, shapes and sizes.

Work description:
The piece is an experiment in colour, shape and light created in two stages; the “background” was created first and then the actual illustration was applied onto the striped background.

Akinori Oishi (Japan)

Graphic Artist. After the international prize at Milia 2001, he worked at the creative studio TEAMCHMAN in France for 3 years. Now independent artist, and teaching at the art university ECAL in Switzerland and NZU in Japan.

Work description:
The graphical and miniature village where Le Petit Bonhomme is living in monochrome.

Bryan Fu (Hong Kong)

FU is my family name. Born in the 80’s in Hong Kong. Bought up by Japanese comics and cartoon. Got a degree at the City University of Hong Kong. Interested in new things in all media. Working as a freelance motion graphic designer. Trying to improve everyday.

Work description:
I tried to express movement and rhythm through lines on a still image. I didn’t start any draft for this work, just kept on drawing along with the flow. The result is like a non-existent force field between the hands. This work is a practice for lines and movement.

Yoshiaki Shinbo (Japan)

Born in 1980. Working for graphics of “THE-newworldwearhouse-“, and in other various fields; flyer production, jacket design, interior wallpaper, painting, and so on.

Work description:
Mostly inspired from music I daily listen to. I changed an interval, an expanse and a loop between sounds into abstract and simple lines and shapes.

Miki Rezai (Japan)

Graphic Designer. Born in 1976, male, giving my real name, multinational. Living in Tokyo and currently working as a freelance in various fields from stoic design works to LoFi illustlations. Mainly in art direction and design of CD jackets, also working for logo, binding, wear design. Restarted art activity from 2005.

Work description:
I drew man or shapes giving free rein to my feelings. The creatures appearing unconsciously said “Hello!” to me, I wanted to let everyone know. You are not alone.

Tetsuya Obara (Japan)

Born and raised in Tokyo, 24 years old. Currently studying at Tama Art University in Japan.

Work Description:
One of experimental graphics. Graphics are also the fruit of trial and error repeated like science or physics. Depending on the condition of the day, it is completely different. This is one of them.

Release: 20th October, 2005
Spec: All colour / 28p / 210×297 mm
Price: 1,360 yen (tax included)
Produced by Shift Factory
It can be purchased on Shift Factory as well as select shops around the world.

Date: December 1st – 29th, 2005
Place: Soso Cafe
Address: 1F Sansei Bld., South 1 West 13, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Tel: +81 (0)11 280 2240

Text: Yurie Hatano

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